The best thing in the world is taking a breath in a cold winter forest! SMELLS LIKE: Cedarwood, Rosemary, Musk and Sandalwood. Enjoy the warm feeling of Christmas right in your own home! I absolutely love the winter times and decided to develop new candles for this festive season, all marked with a new frame! This is the perfect gift for a birthday or any other occasion! Everyone would be happy to enjoy the beautiful soft light from eco soy wax candles and the fragrance from natural essential oils that are composited in our family’s kitchen to give you the best smell possible! – Handmade in Germany – Material: Eco Soy Wax – Smells like Cedarwood, Rosemary, Musk and Sandalwood. – 210 mL = 7.1 Oz oder 106 mL The candle includes the golden cap and a cord with a charm on it that you can also wear as a cute necklace or bracelet! The average burning time of the candle is +40 hours. For avoiding tunnels in the wax please let the candle burn until you see an even layer of liquid wax. Please do not let the candle burn unattended and never leave the candles in childrens reach! Trim the candle wick to 0,5 cm, before you burn the candle. It makes a soft, quiet flame and leaves your candle burn much longer. Click here for my Instagram to see more pictures of the candles in other environments! (Like awesome books and cups of tea for example) https://www.instagram.com/judeneptune/ https://www.instagram.com/vedalights/

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